I have always thought of myself as an advocate for women’s rights. Being from an African country (Ghana)


I have seen the worse kind of women oppression and that is why I am majoring in GWST to use it as a tool to help  in  change the plight of African women.


I guess this makes me an activist.  Nana Oye Lithur is the kind of activist I want to be. Mrs. Lithur has led several fact-finding missions to investigate human rights violations in Ghana. She has devoted her life to bringing human rights and justice to women and the homosexual community in Ghana. This is not an easy task  because in Africa, homosexuals are considered non-humans who don’t  deserve to live. Her advocacy centre helps poor people access to justice. Since 2009, the centre has handled 677 human rights cases. Her work inspires me to want to work hard in my quest to bring liberation to women in Africa. It is not going to be easy but I know there’s hope with hard work and determination. I am an activist and Nana Oye Lithur inspires me to want to be


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