The L Word

I never really thought of myself as an activist because I always thought I had to be outside protesting with posters and screaming to everybody that abortion is not ok. Now that I sit here and really think deeply about the question, I guess I am….a bit of an activist!

rainbow :)

I came out as a lesbian at the age of 14. Until everyone in my family became comfortable with the idea of me being a lesbian, I had to deal with the “You’re disgusting” “It’s just a phase” “You’re going to hell“. Although I am not part of any protests or organizations, I protest to homophobic’s around me on a day to day basis by practicing my “lesbianism”. When I go out with my girlfriend, I hold her hand and I do so proudly! I have come to terms with who I am and nothing anyone every says to me about my sexuality could make me change. 

Along with showing others that I am a lesbian, I do other simple things like voting for gay marriage, or sharing my story with individuals who are curious about homosexual relationships. By sharing my story with others, I can raise awareness on different issues that homosexuals struggle with throughout their lives.



One thought on “The L Word

  1. Homophobic people are just ignorant and I am always ‘just me’, I find it startling when someone makes a comment then I go all out and i’ve been out for 20 years

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