Anyone Can Be an Activist!


If I were to imagine activists, I automatically picture people who aren’t afraid to express their voice, organize rallies, and are a leader for a certain issue. My depiction of an activist doesn’t sound like me. I’m quite, shy, and definitely not the person who would be a leader and be seen holding the megaphone during a rally. But little did I know, there are many roles that can help in bringing awareness to the public, besides the front man/leader.

invisible-childrenDuring my senior year of high school, a couple of my friends joined this new club at our school called GADA – Global Anti-Destruction Alliance. I honestly didn’t know what the club was about, but my friends said they could use as many members as possible; so I joined. The main focus that year was helping another organization called Invisible Children, and their focus was to help the children in Uganda from being abducted by Joseph Kony and be used as child soldiers in his Lord Resistance Army (LRA).

Our GADA president eventually got Invisible Children to speak and present their documentary film at our school.  After the assembly, so many students wanted to join the club and help Invisible Children. But how did I help? As a GADA member I helped organize Iam-an-activistthe event, set up the auditorium, and I passed out the pamphlets before the viewing. That doesn’t sound like much of any activism, but I now realize that it’s enough to call me an activist. Because I assisted in bringing awareness to my peers, even if it was just passing out pamphlets. I understand now that just by joining a club or contributing your time; you’re an activist.


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