Prison Reform Starting in the Classroom

            When you hear that some one was in prison, do you stop to think why? Do you question the legal system that we live in where a 19 year old is considered an adult, even though they make the same careless mistakes of a 17 year old? Do you wonder what kind of societal institutions oppressed and marginalized them, forced them to commit crimes to support a family?

            I do, and that is because I have a cousin who is going to be spending the next 16 years of his life in prison.

            His story and a documentary called Waiting for Superman turned me into an activist. The documentary discusses the US’s failing education system that makes it impossible for people of a low socioeconomic standing, and especially people of color to get a decent education.


         Firstly, I am constantly asking people the above questions, I try to show them that things are not as black and white as they think. Secondly I decided that after graduation I would become a teacher in an urban school. There is so much research that shows that keeping kids in school is one of the best tools in preventing children from becoming victims of this system.


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