Self Sacrificing Love


If you talk to the principle of Mount Clare Christian School (name not identified for protection), she would probably deny being an activist because being the principle is her job. In 1997 members of the Wilkens Avenue Mennonite Church saw a need to establish this school because the drop out rate in the neighborhood was over 80%. Six row houses were renovated and donated to be used for the school.In order for the school to be more assessable for families, tuition was lowered. Also for the tuition to be affordable, the teachers areĀ volunteers and receive money on donations.

The principle has lived in Baltimore her whole life, and told me that when she was young, she always imagined herself saving the world and traveling. Later on she realized that she wanted to dedicate her life to this school, and that this is her way of being a light this broken city. I have had a privilege of getting to know her through an after school volunteer program. As she was telling me about the history of the school, she said that the faculty cannot control what happens to the students when they leave school everyday, but they can create a community of love and support for them. The principle and the teachers of Mount Clare exemplify what self-sacrificing love truly looks like. School Website

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