The Rookie and the Activist

Being a rookie to the whole activism thing I wasn’t sure who even was considered an activist. So I went back in history searching famous activists to get an idea of who and what was Sojourner-Truth[1]considered activism. I came across Sojourner Truth and instantly knew she was an activist. She is most famously known as being a slave and giving a very famous speech called Ain’t I a Women? at a women’s convention in Ohio. She spoke about the strength and courage of women in such a bold and empathetic way that it really made people consider adopting women’s rights. What really made Sojourner an activist in my eyes was just how dedicated and effective she was at getting people to listen to her and bring about change. Infact she was so good with words that she was even granted the right to meet not only one but two presidents and talk to them about women’s rights. There was no obstacle in her path that was going to stop her and she kept fighting and spreading her message until the day she died. One time while she was giving a speech someone in the crowd called her out for being a man, and being the woman that she was she unbuttoned her blouse in public and proved that she was no man.



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