If ever people wonder why we STILL need feminism

If ever people wonder why we STILL need feminism

I took my first Gender and Women’s Studies (GWST) course during the fall semester of my sophomore year. My eyes were opened and I gained a completely new perspective. I learned that the ways in which we think and act are largely social constructions, cultural products so ingrained in our society that we do not question them. As a black woman, I had long been aware of racism and sexism. But I did not realize just how institutionalized oppression is. Through my GWST major, I have gained an acute awareness of injustice and oppression in its many forms. My studies have inspired me to question everything, to seek and share knowledge, and have given me the courage and the responsibility to speak out and challenge others. I hope to one day channel my growing feminist consciousness into my future career in public service. But from day to day, activism for me is raising my own consciousness and that of others. By owning my feminism and proclaiming that identity, I am making a statement about what I believe and setting a platform for myself to engage with the world and for others to engage with me. Feminist activism is a life-long journey which I plan to pursue, ever-evolving and developing.

Feminism is quite comprehensive and it means a lot of things to a lot of people, but I’ve always liked this definition.


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