Newbie to Activism so sue me…

Before taking this class it had never occurred to me that I could be an activist and I was not too strong in my feminist beliefs either. When people would ask if I were for any cause or belief I would tell them that I was humanist, righting the injustices of human inequality. Saying this won me praise but when other girls identified as a feminist they were shunned and questioned. As I take this class and remember some of the feminist blogs and female conscience media, I realize feminism is a facet of humanism. When I watched Miss Representation last year it really made me question the way the media and society portrayed woman and their input. The documentary did a great job of identifying gender inequality and dissecting the possible reasons why this inequality exists.  After watching Miss Representation, it left questions in the air for my fellow activists and I to answer: How can we help represent women better in the media and in society?

Since, you and I know that this question is way too vast and broad to actually tackle and answer. I think we should break it down a little bit more and dissect it. To get to something more specific with representation, I would like to see more information about women’s health. I can not tell you many females have no idea what is going on with their bodies and are afraid about to talk about. I feel that men, as well, have no idea and are afflicted with the same fear to talk about it or misinformation from others. If we can shed some light on this subject so that both women and men can make better choices and help create an open environment for our society.



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