“You’re a what?!”

fem It’s pretty shocking at how few people actually know what a feminist is. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t even know what a feminist really was until I took my first Gender and Women Studies class last semester. It’s generally assumed that feminists are whiney, angry, lesbians that are trying to gain more women’s rights.
In actuality, all feminism is …is equality for all. At least, that’s what it means to me, and that’s what I want as a feminist.

I’ve actually lost a few friends after calling myself a feminist this semester. I was having dinner with a new friend I made a few days beforehand and it came up that I’m a feminist. “You’re a what? …Oh…*silence for the rest of dinner*” I explained how I wanted equality for both men and women and for LGBQT. He became silent for the rest of dinner, and we didn’t speak after. I bumped into him a few weeks later and asked him why things panned out like they did, and he replied with “we’re just really different.” I later found out by a friend that he was put off by the fact that I’m a feminist.

im a feminist

Why should that matter? Why is he not for equality for all either? I always have a million questions running through my head after I lose touch with people because they don’t like that I’m a feminist. Though, a few of my friends don’t talk to me anymore (nor do I want to talk to them if they don’t like that I’m a feminist), I’m satisfied with the fact that I got to explain to them what a feminist really is. Hopefully they’ll come to consensus that feminism is equality for all someday.



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