Making a difference!



I got to wear one of his new shirts today. It wasn’t my birthday or any other special day! My mommy let her boyfriend move in today. He was really “cool” at first, but when mommy wasn’t around he called me a “FAT BITCH” and said no one ever wanted me. It hurt me, but I know he’s really sorry because I got to wear his new shirt today.

I got some money today. There wasn’t a special occasion, but last night he pushed mommy into a toilet seat and busted her eye. I heard her crying and even saw some blood. She showed up at my little brother’s football game with dark sunglasses on…it was foggy though, but I got some money today.

I got a new barbie doll today. I was so tired in school. I didn’t do my homework and I couldn’t stay awake in class. My teacher asked me WHY? Mommy and her boyfriend will be at my parent teacher conference – Now What? He will know that I told…but I got a new barbie doll today.

I got to stay home from school today. He got mad because I told my teacher and showed the nurse my bruises. He kept drinking, leaving the house and coming back. He grabbed the tape recorder, gun, knife and even my little brother. He told me to say I lied… but I didn’t  He put the gun to my head and pulled the trigger…once, twice, Ooh God I’m still alive!!! Now the knife is at my throat and he is telling my little brother to stomp me with his boots. When he was not drunk anymore …he said “don’t tell mommy, he’s really sorry and guess what, I don’t have to go to school today!

Me and my brother picked flowers for mommy today. It wasn’t her birthday or any other special day but the police and ambulance were called and they found mommy lying on the ground across the street from our house. Neighbors thought she was dead but mommy was taken to the hospital for a while. She tries to hide her bruises from us and tucks in her fat lip. She hugs us and tells us he has gone away forever. A lady from some shelter tells us we will be safe now, so because mommy is alive and he has gone away….

                                                   We picked her flowers today!!!!

Anonymous Author- This poem was written and read by two children that lived Domestic Violence for the purpose of a parole hearing on March 22, 2002.     

                                      GWST 200 Activism Project 2013

I must admit, the thought of having to participate in an activism project scared the sh*t out of me! But I am soooo glad I did it. For my project I decided to do a donation drive for theYWCA. The YWCA is a center for victim’s of domestic violence.  Raising awareness on domestic violence is something that I have a passion for. As women, it is very important to stick together and empower one another. With the help of my peers, I was able to donate two boxes filled with feminine products for the Arden House shelter!

Being able to make a difference in these women’s lives left me with a very rewarding feeling. At first I was afraid to communicate with people and let them know what my drive was about. But at the end of the day, I had to put my shyness aside and sacrifice for a good cause. The turn out was wonderful. I placed 1 box on campus and the other off campus. I created a flyer, and the items stared coming! 

After completing this activism project, I cannot wait to engage in another one.


Lee ❤


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