African Feminism

African-FeminismWhat is African Feminism? Ever since forever, i have considered my self a feminist.  But as an African born, and raised in Ghana West Africa,  my conceptualization of feminism is shaped largely by my culture. From conversations i have had with several of my African friends, i have found this to be true as well.  So for my class project i decided to make a video to portray how African women conceptualize feminism. I went around campus to find out how other African women understood and related to  feminism as African women. Here is the link,

 As seen from the video, whether they identified as feminists or not, it is clear that African women have a different understanding of what means to be a feminist. Like me, their conceptualization of feminism has largely being shaped by their culture and socialization  I decided that this was a great idea for a class project, because i wanted to present you all with a whole new perspective on feminism; which is “African Feminism.” This video focuses on how most African women relate feminism and what their understanding of it is. Although the ladies in the video do not represent the entire population of African women, their conceptualization of feminism stems from being born and raised in African and it echoes the voices of African women. Research shows that, “African feminists are not, by and large, concerned with issues such as female control over reproduction or variation and choice within human sexuality nor with debates about essentialism, the female body, or the discourse of patriarchy” (Mikell, 1997). They reject this idea of feminism because it carries with it the baggage of being a Western construct.

One’s idea of feminism should not be superior to another. I believe that, the key to understanding the plight of women worldwide is open-mindedness. We have to acknowledge the culture and experiences of  women world wide in order to achieve women equality worldwide. What might work here, might not work in Africa.


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