Final Project Blog

Narrative of account

For our project we decided that we’d find a way to inform other people on what feminism and activism were since before this gender women’s studies class we ourselves barely knew anything on the subject. In order to do this we created a blog that was aimed to get the word out about Feminism and activism to the people that were just like us. Instead of starting big, we decided to start simple and get the word out to people in the athletic community, other students who had never taken a gender women’s studies class before, and other people that we knew were misguided on the meaning of feminism. We thought that since people our age are good with social media we should create a blog so that it was easy to relate it to them. We wrote blog posts on what the stereotypes of feminism is, we included a youtube clip of Lady Gaga talking about the subject, and many more. We told people about our blog as well


For our project it was a wait and see kind of project. We got the word out which is an accomplishment of its own because we thought that trying to explain to people what our project was going to be challenging. Through this project we also learned more about the subject without even knowing. We found ourselves, just correcting our friends when they would make a false accusation about feminist, and by correcting them they would think about it and correct the error of their ways seeing that they were just being stereotypical. People did view our blog and just by having them read it the word was getting out and people were learning; slowly but surely we were making a difference.


The importance of our project was to get the word out about the real world of feminism and activism. Because of this class we learned about the people who have made changes through feminism. Feminist have changed the world we live in, but have gotten little to no credit for it so we wanted to show people just how important feminism is to society. We became more and more involved with this blog as we kept learning and wanted to share with people all of the great thing we had learned. Just enlightening one person made difference to us because one person can inspire change.

What Worked and What Didn’t Work

Our blog was successful because we were able to get people to view it. Also it was successful because while we were creating this blog we were learning so much more. It was really nice to see people viewing our blog because we knew that they had to have read at least one post and we felt that through reading one post we helped to inform them even if it was just a little. Even though the blog was successful it also was unsuccessful at the same time. It was unsuccessful in the manner than after a few days the blog stopped getting views. It went through periods of time where no one came to visit it. What we would do differently next time is we would have continued to continuously add new posts about once every two weeks or so. We also would have continued to promote our blog by putting up flyers around the campus. All in all we were proud of our blog because it was our first attempt at trying to inform the public which we were able to do to 48 people.



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