A Zine About Gender Identity

This is what Stephanie Milani and Amanda Gillooly had to say about the zine they made entitled “Pronouns, Misgendering, and other related Trans* issues”. There is no link available yet, but hopefully there will be many hard copies made by next semester.

“Amanda and I thought this zine was important because although pronouns are used in every day conversation, they are not typically given much thought outside of feminist circles – unless that individual deviates from the norm. We felt it was important to shed light on the issues surrounding pronouns and other related issues that some trans* people face, such as the question of what bathroom to use. By doing this, we hoped to spread knowledge, understanding, and a new, deserving respect for trans* individuals.”-Stephanie

“I was really excited when Stephanie agreed to do this zine with me because almost no one in the class were making zines, and we had both wanted to give zine-making a try. I know that I was worried about feeling qualified to make this zine, but if we hadn’t decided to make it then who knows when anyone would have. We are both passionate about the zine because pronouns and trans* issues are certainly not addressed as often as they should be. Since UMBC is a very diverse campus and tries to be as accommodating and friendly to groups that may be marginalized otherwise, we wanted to extend that to trans* and gender non-conforming people. We recognize that this zine is not the only solution and that some people may find it problematic, but we encourage anyone who does think there needs to be more to talk to use about our work and to make a zine of their own!”-Amanda


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