Lazy or Deterred?

I do not consider myself an activist.  Though the idea of fighting for change and equality makes complete sense to me, I am not completely motivated to act.  I do care, and I suppose that I am capable of trying to do something but am afflicted with the “what can I do” question and general apathy.  The cynic in me reasons that I probably wouldn’t be much help, considering the diligence that commitment takes and my crippling shyness and anxiety.

I believe that on one side, there are revolutionary people who fight and help as they do, and there are others who are still narrow minded, or unwelcoming, and even overly sensitive.   Still, there are so many opportunities and ways to get involved.  With the Internet saturated with information, organizations, people, and more, it’s hard to go without seeing any sort of current activism (whatever kind it may be).  And I do find myself sympathetic to injustices; I just don’t pursue further efforts than feeling and thinking.  Yet all the while I am still outraged by sexism and racism (more often than not classism is always involved) that reach and affect so many lives.  There are so many injustices that go unrecognized and many do upset and frustrate me because it’s difficult to understand how people can be so ignorant and cruel.

But maybe this is more of my outlook on other people than about activism.  But maybe for me to engage in anything outside myself is to change my perspective.  After all, I need have my own motivations and passions to feel compelled.  But in this cyclic argument of inaction, I feel my laziness is the only roadblock.


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