A Twelve-year-old Activist

This past Thanksgiving, a twelve-year-old girl named Rose McCoy took matters into her own hands, and jumped the barricade at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade to protest the SeaWorld float. She held up a sign that said “Boycott SeaWorld” but it wasn’t long before a cop intervened. Although only twelve, she actively participates in other protests along the side of PETA.

McCoy started her activism because of a documentary named “Blackfish” that hit close to home. The documentary is about how whales are treated while in captivity in SeaWorld. McCoy compared the whales’ captivity to her being separated from her own mother–something Rose would deem as unfathomable, because her parents are very supportive of her activism and protesting, even at age twelve, and have even protested with her. This January, Rose was arrested after protesting SeaWorld’s float again, at the Rose Parade in California.seworld

I think Rose makes an excellent activist because she never gives up. She’s a feisty little girl who knows what she wants, what’s important, and has been using these skills to protest since the first grade. Being arrested has not hurt her spirit—she continues her activism, has been given numerous awards from PETA, and even donates her cat-sitting money to animal programs—we can all learn something from her. There is no excuse; get out and act now.


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