I Have Never…

I have never owned flannel. I have never held a picket sign. I have never even marched down the street out of frustration or rage. That is what an activist does right? After only being in this class, GWST 200, for a couple weeks, I have realized that none of these things apply. The best part? I have realized and began to accept that I have been an activist in way more ways than one.

In high school I took a passion that I loved – drawing with Sharpie’s – and used it to raise money and awareness for a local homeless shelter. While that may have been a few years ago, it stands out to me because it was a way for me to become involved in something that I did not have a whole lot of connection with by using a talent that I had a true passion for doing. I had also volunteered in my local hospital’s ER because helping people is something I have always loved to do. More recently, I had begun to volunteer in the SUCCESS program for an First Year Seminar class. If you had told me last semester that I was an activist by volunteering, I would not have believed you. However, it now makes sense that the promotion of those who have learning challenges throughout higher education is something to promote and stand for – not only for those actively involved, but for my own dedication to the importance of education.

Helping out through volunteer work not only gives me the ability to become actively engaged in these projects but it also gives me more reason to become more aware of the differences being made in people’s lives. Differences not only for education, but for the greater good. This class has given me the realization that being an activist is more than just the flannel, picket signs, and rage, but about using your own ambitions to make the change you wish to see.


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