COLORISM: The Light Skin Dark Skin Debate

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 7.34.27 PMI went to high school in Nigeria after living in California for 12 years. When I got there I made a lot of friends but I was also made fun of a lot because of my accent. They told me I spoke like a “valley girl”. People would always call me an Oreo or a coconut because they thought I was white on the inside because of the way I speak and black/brown on the outside, referring to my skin color. This made me angry because they called me names because I didn’t fit into the stereotypical image of an African American. So I took it upon myself to start asking people questions that they could answer like why do you think I speak like a white person? These questions would always leave them silent. I have always been interested in issues regarding race, gender and society so after that point I decided I wanted to be a racial equality advocate in addition to being an egalitarian, altruist and a go green enthusiast. I started using my tumblr to post things about race and racism from my point of view outside and within my race. I also make sure to inform people about current racial issues (colorism) within the African American/ Black community.  This is why I chose to do my activism project on COLORSIM: the Light skin, Dark skin debate within the black community. Not only do I experience this bias in my everyday life but I know most black people and other people of color do as well.


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