I’m Not an Activist… I Think?

Writer, friend, Batman… Those are the first words that come to mind when I ask myself what or who I am. I do not see myself as an activist, not even in the slightest sense. For me, activism has always projected itself in my mind as carrying signs or protesting in some fashion. As I’ve grown and learned more, I have learned that activism can be even the smallest gesture of spreading awareness for a cause, and if I look at it in that way, then I can see shades of the definition applying to myself, but not defining who I am.

Today, when I think about what I can do to make a difference, I don’t think about those protest groups or posterboard signs, and I don’t think traditionally in the way of change. I think that every person has something that they feel passionately about changing and fighting for. When I think about what I can do to change something, I have to find something that is important to me. If I’m not invested in something, I can’t fight for it. That is not to say that I think one issue is more important than another or that what I care about is more serious than something else, but I have to look at where I can make a difference and how I can fight for something important to me.

When I mentioned before that for me, even some small gesture can be a form of activism, this is the type of action that I find myself doing most. I write. It’s the one thing I do well, and I have an entire website dedicated to writing that myself and my friends contribute to. Having that site is my soapbox to yell from about issues important to me. I’ve used the site to inform people about Kickstarter campaigns for the preservation of video games, a true form of art that could be lost to history if nothing is done to keep records and backups. On our podcast through the website, I have spoken out about comic book creators that don’t get recognized for one reason or another. I’m not doing anything extreme, but in my own way I have found a platform to share my feelings and to encourage change in some form.


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