Portrait of an Activist: Your Average Jane

I am not a hero; I know that for sure. I am neither Bat nor cat nor Wonder woman, nor any other out or the ordinary exceptional human being. But I am an activist, and I do believe in making the world a better place, and I know that is in my power. I believe that we all have the power to evoke change no matter who or where you come from, and I try to make my life a model of this belief daily.

I am an activist every day that I raise awareness for at risk kids with my time, money and support. From founding a tolerance organization in high school to mentoring middle school students while I’m in college, I’ve never stopped listening to the kids whose voices have been intentionally drowned out. As someone who has had his or her voice drowned out in the midst of continuous and systematic bullying, it would be a dishonor to willingly ignore anyone else.

But I believe in human dignity. I believe in coming to a school without being afraid for your life. I believe in respecting one another, uplifting each other, and not being afraid to exist in our own communities for fear of torture emotionally and physically. If you think I’m an idealist, you’re probably right. But one way or another, I believe in change.


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