The epidemic is spreading; the chances are high that you already have it! On January 28th 2014 it was determined that I am indeed a carrier – until this time I had no idea. I have activism; apparently it lies dormant until the host decides to take action towards social change. I’m not sure where it all started to be honest because I was unknowingly exposed to activism many times. I never sought it out intentionally, most exposures were thrust upon me. In high school there were three incidents. ┬áThe whole school was required to do laps around the track for the cause ‘Walk for Animals’, you were encouraged to acquire backers that would pledge money for each lap that you completed, the money was then donated to causes that benefited the well-being of animals. As a member of the National Art Honor Society I was obligated to put in so many hours into the program. I chose to attend the “Senior Prom” at the Pascal Center where I enjoyed the company of older citizens as we boogied on the dance floor. I also signed up to face paint the attendants of the National Coalition of 100 Black Woman. Outside of school my mother exposed me again to activism when she asked if I would participate in the dunk booth to raise money for ‘Pets on Wheels’, which is an organization that takes dogs and cats to hospitals to interact and raise the spirits of those who are in need of some smiles. Even for my job I worked an event that was hosted by ‘Show Your Soft Side’; they raise awareness about the animal fighting/bullying happening close to home here in Baltimore and what we can do to help. After all of that I never would have considered the fact that I was an activist. I was either obligated to help or volunteered to appease others, I never went out of my way to find their organizations or causes, they just fell into my lap. Activism doesn’t always need to be sought out, it can just naturally flow into your lifestyle, and now that I am bitten by the bug I want to go out there and search out what more I can do, not because I have to but because I want to. I have activism and I intend to spread it.

Senior Prom


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