Let’s talk about sex baby

​What is something so natural to human existence, something that we are all connected to in some way everyday yet almost never openly discuss? Sex. Sex is one of the most natural actions that comes to humans, it begins each one of our lives. Without sex there would be no you or me there would be no one! If sex is so important and natural and beautiful why is it also so taboo and hush hush. I believe that sex needs to be more openly discussed and taught about in schools, within families, with friends. I was brought up in a home with a very religious catholic mother. Sex was never discussed under my roof, sex didn’t exist under my roof. The ‘birds and the bees’ talk which didn’t pertain to me because I was actually curious as to how two women could have sex, a question I would definitely not get answered by my parents, was left to my cousin’s discretion because my parents were too embarrassed to discuss sex with their child. This situation made my early teenage years a little hard to deal with when I was questioning my sexuality and wanting to explore more of that when I was taught to suppress those feelings and thoughts. Fast forward five years and I’m sitting in a college classroom learning about sexual health in a women studies class. Here it becomes clear to me that sexual education isn’t only awkward in my household. By taking an intro women studies class my views were backed up and I felt even more solid in my beliefs. I want to make sexual education more open and available to anyone that wants it. To kick off my activism and incorporate it into my life I have tried to build a more open dialogue about sex with my friends and close family.


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