Mothers of Africa


In many of the West African countries giving birth isn’t taken as seriously.

Towards the maternity hospital, they don’t have enough money to provide patients with hospital gowns or other accessories. Many of the mothers have to pay for their own medication, birthing supplies as well as the newborn’s clothes along with their hospital bill and stay.   The women that come in to give birth without prior notice, usually have to wrap their newborn with the scarf or cloth that they came in with till family members come in with spear clothes

The goal is to provide mothers with scrubs to wear while giving birth and provide the newborn babies with clothes. The African student Association, the club usually conducts many volunteer projects. The problem that would be faced would have to be the distribution of the clothing. We don’t want to give the clothing out without any meaning or mission. We would take some prenatal course here to be able to teach back to the women that are receiving the clothing. Many of the hospitals don’t provide prenatal courses for women to learn how to properly give birth.

Resources: We would contact the local hospitals for prenatal class, reach out to the school clubs for support, and donates of baby clothes. 



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