Portrait of a Pseudo-Activist

Throughout my life my family has teased me about being a “hippie” or “too nice” or “sensitive” due to many aspects of my personality, but especially with my career path and things that I like. I volunteer pretty frequently with the homeless, families of children with chronic illness, and at animal shelters. I get emails from World Wild Life Fund and Change.com, however I will readily admit that these emails often get discarded along with those to Bed Bath & Beyond and Living Social. You’ll occasionally see a FaceBook post from me about a homeless shelter in need of volunteers or the latest documentary on Elephant poaching, but other than that, I have a very underdeveloped activist identity.

As a future social worker, advocacy will be a huge part of my career. Certainly there are varying degrees of involvement with advocacy and activism; however, I fear that if I do not learn more now, I will lose opportunities to help those in need or make necessary changes to benefit others. While I understand that there is a sliver of activism in my life through things so small as social media posts and sharing documentaries, currently, my relationship with activism is abysmal. I hope that with this class I will become a less passive activist and more directly involved in advocating for change.


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