How to Puke Rainbows, An Activist’s Guide.

Living as a member of a marginalized group, I eventually came to understand the role of activism in validating my various identities.  One aspect of my marginalization that has sparked continuous activism is my experiences as an LGBTQ+ individual. From an early age, my perceived gender ambiguity and later, my atypical sexuality and gender identity, created countless impromptu, often invasive and difficult questions, many years of avoiding bathrooms, and innumerable amounts of other obstacles invisible to the socially normalized eyes. Since understanding my identity required reaching beyond the normalized, I did not understanding, for the longest time, who I was, let alone, how I should advocate for my community. However as I began to realize being gay was not an insult and racist language can really affect others, my earliest memories of activism took form. I told people not to use language, such as retarded and gay in an out of context, demeaning way. This act of spreading knowledge for the greater good was seemingly minimal, however, it is significant because I was beginning to understand how to incorporate activism into my daily life.


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