Fear and Loathing in Feminist Activism

Before this class, I never would have identified myself as an activist. I never went out and protested or argued in the general public, limiting myself to debating economics and civil rights with friends (I’m great at parties) and the occasional post on social media. However, I am learning that this is a form of activism in itself. While that is good, I would like to further my relationship with activism and commit more fully to making change in the world. My own anxiety and self-consciousness are what hold me back most in these endeavors as I am too scared to put myself out there and try to influence other people. In order to conquer these fears, I need to research my positions well and work with similarly minded people so I will not feel alone or intimidated to have discussions.  Everybody else seems so firmly entrenched in their ideals that any sort of activism feels like flinging mud at a stone wall.  In addition, I have been met with hostility even among my closest friends when bringing up controversial topics like feminism and sexuality.  Although I know awareness about these things has to be raised by someone, I’m not yet convinced I’m the person to do it on a larger scale.

Perhaps my understanding of activism is still flawed.  I still think of activism as protests and debates in the public sphere.  It might be easier and more productive for me to work activism into my music, by trying to bring up more feminist topics in songs I write.  I would probably feel more comfortable with the work if I used a medium I am more familiar with to present the topics, rather than public speaking, which, let’s face it, is pretty scary.  Like, really scary.  If I stick to something I am more familiar with, it could help ease my transition from ally to activist.

Another intimidating factor for me is social media.  Several of my facebook friends constantly post feminist articles to raise awareness, and while I have a great respect for it and enjoy reading them, I do not feel brave enough to post them myself under my own name.  Perhaps working up the courage to post some of these would help me ease my way out of my shell and into the activist community.

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