Belonging for Life


Ok, I am already anticipating what you are going to say about my trying to sell you on another organization to join. BUT, this is really a good one that will give you lifelong benefits and support. I am talking about the non-profit, American Association of University Women (AAUW). I knew nothing about the organization until a professor of mine forwarded me their request for women to apply for academic scholarships. I thought, money….free money that is available for me to continue my education, where do I sign up. That began my relationship with the organization when they gave me a scholarship to attend UMBC and made me a member of the organization

At the time I knew nothing about who they were so I did a search and here is what I found. They were established in the late 1800s as a women’s group that supported women getting an education and the right to vote. AAUW has provided not only academic money they have funded research projects for women such as Marie Curie and Rachel Carson. Headquartered in DC they are a women’s advocacy group that tracks and lobbies for issues that directly affect women such as equal pay, reproductive rights, and Title IX. AAUW are watching out for our best interest and moving the equality agenda forward for women here in the U.S. and internationally.

Each area has chapters and they are usually on most campuses, so participating is easy. They also have an active website that allows you to be a “Two Minute Activist” where you can see important issue that are being addressed in Congress and the Senate. You are able to send a letter to your representative at a click. A nice feature that allows your voice to be heard, along with others who share your concerns. I encourage you take a minute and look..see what you think. Remember, united women creates the power to make change


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