Equality for ALL

If one believes that equality is for all then that must include the LGBT community. Everyone has the right to be free from harassment. Bullying in schools and hate crimes committed against LGBT individuals have caused both long term emotional and physical pain. Years of advocacy has created change, but there is still a long way to go.

Greater awareness and steps taken to ensure that schools have policies in place to mitigate bullying and enforce punishment will harbor a safe environment for all students. Hate crimes against LGBT individuals must be taken seriously. Providing an open dialogue to create greater understanding among each other will go a long way to facilitate an end to the stereotypes and misunderstandings that LGBT individuals deal with on an ongoing basis.

The American Association of Women (AAUW) has been advocating for not only equal rights for women but also for the LGBT community. They are bringing awareness to schools and work hard to support legislation to ensure that hate crimes are prosecuted. Visit them at www.AAUW.org to see how you can join their coalition to support the LGBT community and take action.

Stay tuned Equal Pay Day…April 8th!




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