Girls Love Science, Technology, Engineering and Math!

Why is it that girls are told that they are not good in math and science? Why do teachers give more attention to boys in these subjects in school? Why is it when girls want to pursue college degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math it is still a boys club and the girls are marginalized. I will tell you why….

It is because there still exists the same old cultural constructs that females don’t belong in these fields. I am not blaming anyone, I don’t care whose fault it is. Placing blame won’t solve the issue. What I am asking for is awareness that it is happening, and when you see evidence that women are being discouraged step up and take a stand. Females are needed in these fields..they are 50% of the world population and of the American workforce. Different approaches and points of view always yield a greater success rate for the benefit of all!

Become an advocate for women in STEM programs through AAUW has been working to fund scholarships, fellowships and education in STEM programs for women since 1881.




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