Are you good in bed?

Going into this project I envisioned creating a safe space where students could come and get condoms, female condoms, and dental dams once a month. I wanted to create an event that all students knew about in a place that was convenient for as many people as possible. Of course I anticipated hardships but I did not imagine completely changing my project. In the end instead of the outcome I ended up with a project much different but which held just as much importance. My purpose became to inform more students about where to get contraceptives. I faced many obstacles while executing this project, at first my idea was rejected by University Health Services because representatives  believed these resources were provided at enough student events and that they were already available to all students during the day at UHS and at the peer health educators office. The staff I spoke to didn’t quite understand that I wanted to create a place so that it was more open and talked about throughout the student body. Going back to the drawing board I realized that more importantly I wanted more students to know where they could go so I changed my project to getting the information out. To do this I decided to create flyers to hang up around school, flyers seemed simple enough. Boy, was I wrong. Flyers need to be signed, sponsored, and approved by more than one person. At first I was hoping to spread the information about locations to get contraceptives to students that aren’t on campus. There are few places on campus that students can freely hang flyers up besides the outdoor cork boards which are unprotected from the weather. After learning that, I thought about coming onto campus early before classes started and hanging up flyers. This idea was also thrown out the window due to hearing about another student group who had attempted that unsuccessfully. At the conclusion that I must navigate my way through the rules pushing me away from attempting to get my flyers hung up I dove head first into getting a stamp of approval. After creating the flyers I went to the student commons and asked if they would hang up my flyer on a column by the information desk, the next day it was there! I then went to the office for residential life and was disappointed to learn I had to first get my flyer approved and signed by two separate offices before I could get it approved by the resident life representative in charge of hanging up flyers in resident halls. I did not let these obstacles get in my way and was rewarded by the final outcome, my colorful flyers are to be hung up in every resident hall on campus, fingers crossed the representative actually hangs them up. I accomplished my goal of informing more people of where to go to get sexual health resources which is important because sexual health is important to everyone. Sexual health is especially important on college campuses because many students are sexually active. Here is a link to UHS which shares a little bit about what peer health educators do If I were to do this project over again I would push to get a place where students could go to get condoms once a month that everyone knew about in a popular place like the student commons. As great as it is that there are places on campus for students to go it would be even more beneficial for there to be a safe place that was in everyone’s face because all students would see it and it would be talked about. I also would try harder to not be discouraged by the schools strict policies. 



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