Shouting Out Into the Abyss

ImageWhen I started this project I was super excited to be able to create my first ever tumblr account and talk about what GMO’s are and the things we can do to eat organic. I already have a personal blog with some good views so i thought this was going to be a piece of cake, sadly i was mistaken. The tumblr thing didn’t work out for me like i had planned, i felt as if i was shouting into an abyss with no way to get my voice heard. I used a ton of relevant hash tags to the topic i was blogging about but all in all i felt like this was just something that many people don’t read about on a regular basis. 

I gave up on tumblr pretty early on and decided to go with plan B which was to tell people about the harms of GMO’s and what they are by word of mouth. This turned out not to be the most easiest or effective choice either. You can only get so far with spreading knowledge through conversation because your audience is limited. Because of these complications my activist project didn’t go exactly how I imagined it would and not a lot of people were able to learn about GMO’s as i had wanted. Even though my project was not a success, I am not going to give up educating people about the importance of eating organic and GMO free. I plan on using Pinterest to share with my friends organic alternatives to food and condiments, as well as continuing to learn more about tumblr and expanding more on the blog that i have already created on there. This project and class has helped me learn a lot about activism and that just because what you were working on didn’t turn out the way you want it doesn’t mean that your done. I see activism now as perseverance, you do it because you are passionate about it and want to do you part to help better your community. It may be hard work but it can be done and it can make a difference. With all of the readings and documentary’s we watched i saw this and it has really changed my outlook on what individuals and groups can do to change their towns or community’s and in the long run our world.  

To check out my updated tumblr in the future! 🙂


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