Children are the Future, We Need to Support Them (UMBC Activism)


This activist project was produced to help students improve and realize just how important their education is.  My mother is a Special Education English teacher at Oxon Hill which is a School not very well know for academics.  My mother would always tell me about how the students do not engage in their studies and do not care about their education.  For this project I researched this problem and attempted to produce a helpful tool to aid towards this problem.

Studies found that many of the behavioral traits that the children have are obtained from the household.  Children with violent or careless parents tend to pick up those very traits from them.  If the parents to not care about their children’s education, then neither will the children. 

There is nothing that I can physically do about the environment that children are raised in.  I can only hope that the parents have a change at heart.  But I can attack the problem from inside the school.  After observing a few classes I found that something can be done here.  The students quickly lose interest in what they are learning. 

For my project I designed an internet website that will help teachers present major materials to the students in a way that would be more appealing to them.  In this site videos, pictures, and color are all factors that are included in this site.  The idea is for the students to learn exactly what they need to, in a way that makes them want to learn.  Education can not be forced.  As much as teachers want students to behave and listen, gearing towards their personal interests and ideals are the best way to reach them.  The videos consist of catchy hip hop based songs that students may find interesting and may also find the material contained in the videos easy to understand.  In other videos there are movie trailers and themes that again aim to appeal to student interests.

The site has so far been introduced in three Special Education English classrooms and the students seem to like learning from this site.  The hope is that more and more teachers choose to go about teaching materials in a way that gains the interest of the students by will and not by force.



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