Reflections..What I Got Through Giving

     When I first began my project about Charitable Giving, I figured that it would be much like every other assignment I have completed in school. I did not realize how big of an impact it would end up having on me as a person, and how I saw the world around me. I did not know that there is so much inside of us all that sits waiting to be given to others who may be missing that very substance- our love, our patience, our kindness. Charitable Giving became more than just about donating an amount of money, it became about giving a piece of yourself to someone else. The more I became involved in helping others, in giving my time to things bigger than myself, I realized how fulfilling it was for me as a person. Zooming out and focusing on the bigger picture, while knowing my school and work schedule, I realized there would be many restrictions on how I would be able to spend my time if I were to volunteer. I also realized, that if I were to involve my friends in this process, that it would be difficult for all of us to perform volunteer work because of conflicts in our schedules. I resorted to what felt like the next best choice for all of us, donating what ever we could to a trusted charity. I came across one particular charity that caught my interest- Direct Relief – a charity that focuses on providing medical care to people in need all around the world. I asked many of my friends to help by donating towards the organization. Together, we were able to raise over $200.00 in donations. Through this assignment, I learned how giving and kind my friends are, not wanting to be named for their donations and preferring to be anonymous. It meant so much to me to see people care for others and give out of their own pockets, no matter how empty to those who needed it just a little bit more than themselves. To maintain the anonymity that my friends so truly wish to preserve, I have decided to honor my dear friends’ wishes by emailing Dr. Drabinski screen shots of a few donators. 

Through my experience, I came across a moving video, First World Problems Anthem – charitable giving has made me realize how truly blessed I am for all that I have, and it has opened my eyes to my responsibilities as a part of humanity. I hope that others who come across my post become motivated to give as well, as there are many still who need our help, in any way that we can give it. 



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