Stand Up and Do Something!

Girl-on-girl hate. There is so much of this in the world that Hollywood decided to make a movie about it.  (“Mean Girls”, anyone?) Why is it that women are so catty with each other? It’s sad that this has become of the norm and people brush it off as if it’s no big deal.  How is that okay?  Women have had a hard enough time as it is trying to prove themselves as equals in this world and, although we have come a long way, there are still major issues that cause women to be looked down upon or belittled.  This causes women to hate themselves, hate others, and/or settle for things in life that they shouldn’t have to.  Because the road hasn’t been easy for women, it only makes sense that women should be united together in hopes to lift each other up.  The problem that exists is that there is so much division among women that it causes even more unnecessary issues to deal with.  Every person has insecurities and hardships, but if women could start the movement of female empowerment by being for each other instead of being against, that would bring about incredible change.

For this project, I wanted to create a short film that would be used as a way for people to see that girl bullying is a serious issue.  Not only did I want it to raise awareness, but use it as a way to end all the hate.  My mindset is that if all our actions were motivated by love, we’d have a lot less hate in this world.  Some will be quick to say that that’s just wishful thinking and although they might be right, it’s all still a possibility and as long as it is a possibility, it can become a reality. I think the true goal in all this isn’t exactly to reach a concrete solution (although that would be amazing), but it’s to always be trying to do and be better.  I think we put so much emphasis on trying to reach a certain end that we forget that it’s the process of it all that’s really beautiful. I learned that first hand while creating this film. I saw that just by making this film, I was able to see activism in the works and have opportunities arise where I got to talk to individuals about girl-on-girl bullying. Those are the moments that really matter to me.

It wasn’t easy making this 11 minute film.  Going into this project I had a very bright-eyed vision where everything would be so simple and easy.  This was not the case.  It was tough trying to schedule times to meet with certain people who wanted to be involved with the project, editing the actual film was a whole ordeal in itself, and having the film truly reflect my initial vision was difficult as well. I definitely underestimated the editing part of all of this.  It’s great to have a clear idea of what you want, but you have to put into consideration the means of achieving it and how it takes a lot more work than you will expect. I wanted my film to feel more like a documentary instead of a series of interviews, but, again, that’s something I will have to consider in the future when making other film projects. (Will definitely try to take some film-making tutorials or recruit some outside help) At the end of the day, I am still so proud of my film because it was about real people and their own raw experiences with girl-on-girl bullying.

My hope for this project would be to have any person be affected positively from my film meaning that someone has either used it in order to raise awareness, someone has felt better by it, or someone was motivated to bring about change by what they watched/heard.  Although having as many people as I possibly can be positively affected by my film would be ideal, as long as one person is influenced in some way, I’ve done exactly what I wanted.


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