Everyone Needs to Lend a Helping Hand.

ImageIt was such a pleasure to expand my horizons and work with the ladies and volunteers within the UMBC Best Buddies chapter. Every Monday night we would visit with about 4 or 5 women in their mid-50’s and make crafts, watch movies, play card games, etc. Each woman was so unique and some would talk while others would just observe. I find a lot of pride in the fact that these women looked forward to seeing us each week and would wait for us to knock on the door come 7 o’clock each monday. You know you are doing something right when they are so excited to spend time with you! At times it was difficult because not every woman spoke or made conversation so it was a lot of non-verbal communication going on. I really believe that my biggest accomplishment with Best Buddies was just making an effort to get to know these ladies and their lives. Every individual has their own story to tell about where they have been or what is going on with them now. It is fascinating to hear and to learn more about them. I wish there was a little more organization when it came to planning the activities that we would do each week or who was going to bring what but as a whole I really enjoyed the entire process and meeting new friends!!!!


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