A View From My Side of The World

My activism project “A View From My Side of The World” was based on the Middle East, specifically aimed at the Arab Uprisings. It was formed to educate and inform our generation and even the younger generation of the flourishing involvement of women since the past regimes to the new constitutions.  I had decided to create a Tumblr in order to reveal the importance of feminism and equality from my side of the world. As an Iraqi being born and raised outside the Middle East, people always thought females from my society were simply doormats for men. Some even thought feminism barely existed in the Arab World and this is why I chose to focus my attention of women’s involvement in the uprisings and publicize what I personally thought was impressive. Women of all classes engaged in activities that enabled them to challenge power structures, they were long contributing to the process of empowerment and their development; hence, political change. Their passionate desire for equality and justice encouraged active participation together that made them crucially learn and develop the principles of tolerance of others, cooperation, trust and reciprocity. Through the pains, struggles and successes shared together they have played such an influential role in the Middle East and to younger girls like myself.  In my Tumblr you will find videos, links, a poem, images from revolutions from Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia and Syria etc. and pieces of my personal opinion.  Visual images are always more triggering and understanding, so I thought it would be different to set this up using a social network that I have never used before.  What worked for my project was defiantly my ability to express my passion and appreciation for all the female warriors back home that continue to fight for our respectful and stable place in society, also the YouTube video (link on Tumblr page) was considered a helpful tool in order to gain a better understanding of the situations in various Middle Eastern Nations. Something that I have learned in class was that there are various amounts of feminist actions and activism and only few are revealed to the public eye, yet that doesn’t degrade the importance of the rest of the movements; simply it means that people are not digging deeper to the core in order to realize its existence. Unfortunately, what didn’t work was my photo-shoot.  I didn’t receive the proper clothing in time and didn’t want to model anything that wasn’t traditional and full of meaning. Time management was an issue for me; procrastination was also an issue and something that I had realized a couple nights ago while looking for articles was my lack of historical knowledge of Middle Eastern Feminism. I had been so obsessed with what social actions were occurring now, I had forgot to link these movements to past historical ones and find the patterns between them. Iraq and Egypt have a lot of historical background regarding feminist movements and have been known to be the two most active back in the day. So a lesson to future GWST students: Do not become too captured by what’s occurring at the moment, try to link similarities between the ancient movements and the ones nowadays to see patterns and maybe even notice positive or negative differences.  Next time I will defiantly involve that, along with choosing a social network I had been familiar with before the project. This will help me portray a lot more ideas and decrease the chances of me getting stuck on the type of network. Overall, I am very excited to share a bit on what I think is important from the other side of the world and hopefully, speak for the voiceless Arab females of my generation that continue to prosper towards unity and equality.

queenofarabiaa.tumblr.com – The Link


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