Akata Prevention Unit


There is a word that has been created and now it has been passed through generations that’s is used to reference African Americans or anyone who is black and does not behave “African” enough. That word is Akátá. It is a derogatory term used by Africans and African immigrants living in the United States. Akátá is loosely translated into “bush dog” or wild animal. Our activist project was to sanction the word using social media and public “soapboxing”.

The project has had a lot of success through the help of Katie Watson from the Academic Center for Student Athletes, we were able to print and photocopy and over 200 copies in which we distributed at some of the African Student organizations through different centers in Baltimore. We distributed the flyers at the Morgan States International Students Association, University of Baltimore’s African Student Union, , CCBC’s African Student Association and Towson University. The distribution of this flyer led to the hosting of an open discussion by the Black Student Union and the African Student Union at the University of Baltimore titled Bridging the Gap: Do you consider yourself African-American, African or Black. This was exciting for our cause. We’ve provoked thought and action that’ll hopefully spread from school to home. Our activism project has been very successful. 

The only regret that we had throughout this project is that we were not able to completely follow through to all the colleges that we spread word to. We simply could not attend all of the meeting. Nevertheless others took our cause and propagated it. Our group to the better half of two worlds. One with Online Advocacy and the other with personal communication. That really helped use spread the word.

Over the summer at the African festival we still have to voice our cause and announce our site. We plan on handing out flyers and name dropping our tumblr link. We will ally with “Rise Africa” as well and because they are a huge name in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area so our cause is will spread further. 

Our project is not complete yet, Fest-Africa 2014 will be hosted in July and with my partner and I officially out of school. We will hopefully be able to attend and make efforts to advocate our cause. If we can change the ethnocentric mentality around us then it is bound to spread. Our final goal is to promote a healthier cognitive process when addressing people who are not from Africa. With the word, Akata, the chance of equality, generalized niceness, and “treating other how you want to be treated” will be spread. 

CHECK OUT OUR BLOG AT: http://akatapreventionunit.tumblr.com/ 


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