Colorism Within The African American Community

Colorism is an issue that I think has been prevalent in the black community for generations.The roots of colorist can be traced back to colonization and slavery.  The residual impact of these ruthless forms of oppression are still around today. Colorism is a large part of society and not many people are as aware as they think because it has been apart of our community for so long that people have gotten so used to it being apart of their everyday life. Overtime in media  a lot of people use a particular type of woman and as a people we have internalized these images of what the media wants us to believe is the standard for beauty. Being a darkskin woman in the African American community, in recent times I have noticed colorism more and more in my day to day life and that is why I choose to take a look at how people in and around the University of Maryland Baltimore County feel about the issue. I also decided to make this film in an attempt to also bringing awareness to something I believe is a problem in not only within the African American community but is also face within other communities of people of color.

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