Pay Inequality

For my activist project I wanted to bring out more awareness on pay inequality in this region The younger generation are the ones that are more vulnerable to settling for any type of pay just to get a job out of it. Through this activist project I wanted to not only inform young adults about the wage gap, but also educate ways on how they can better negotiate their salary before settling for a just a fair paying job. In order to feel like your work is being valued you have to be getting paid an appropriate amount. I believe that now in days it is common to see the scenario in which a person that has years of a specific skill and is still getting paid the same as they were when they had their first job. That was my the focus point for my project. Income inequality may be difficult to combat, but it’s important to bring awareness to my generation since future leaders will derive from it.


Figuring out the strategy in which I wanted to bring awareness was a bit confusing. In the beginning, I felt like my ideas were all over the place. There was just so much I was thinking to do. I thought it was crucial for me to get the facts first if I was going to advocate this topic. I first did some research on how much females were getting compared to as of males. The numbers were astonishing. I then also looked up how to negotiate salary. The American Association of University Women was a very helpful website that helped me obtain many tips on how to hold an event together, including fact sheets that gave strategies on how to negotiate salary. At first advocating through social media was one of my options, but instead I thought it’d be better to hold an event. I created an event on my personal Facebook to invite friends and friends of friends to participate at Equal Pay Day for April 14th. Finding the people wasn’t too difficult since I attend a youth group at my church that consists of primarily young adults ages between 18-30. In addition, my youth leaders also helped promote the event at church by handing out flyers after church services. Although this was not church related, they supported my enthusiasm to educate the youth about pay inequality. They were kind enough to allow me to present at their home after their youth service.
The youth that attended the event.

Those who attended

Overall, the event was successful. People were able to enjoy their youth service followed by a short presentation, discussion about pay inequality, and the potluck we had arranged. I believe this approach worked. Although, I didn’t get to create a page on social media to advocate, I am very glad I took this approach. There was a lot of discussion and for the most part everyone was engaged.  Many of the people there were really curious in how to negotiate salary. It’s not something any of us are really comfortable doing anyway. All in all, we all discussed ways to do it with confidence. I think that if I had gone with social media activism it would have been easy to have people be disengaged. If at any point I were to do this project again, I would definitely find a guest speaker who has more knowledge and experience.  I found myself stuck at some moments since I didn’t have always have inputs or answers for everything discussed. Overall, not only was this event informative but also fun.  In class we have discussed the many strategies that one can go about to be an activist. I learned that sometimes all it takes is a little time to bring up a topic that you find important to a couple people. My understanding about activism has definitely changed since I have been working on this project. It’s showed me that it’s not as hard as it seems to advocate an issue you really care about!


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