Interracial Couples: The Swirl


Interracial Marriage may have been legalized but it is still stigmatized…

America is changing, whether you like it or not! Take a second to really ponder the fact that the number of interracial couples is increasing every day. This would have been considered a radical idea in the 1900s but, now the idea becoming a reality is inevitable. This feat of desegregation/intermingling betwixt races is a cause for celebration! Unity is being thrust upon society to the point where they have no option but, to cohabitate with the previously unheard of.

There have been ‘desegregation’ movements in the past that have failed miserably. I believe these efforts failed because they were institutionalized movements without any real emotion behind the movements. In the case I researched the real reason progress was made was due to passion. Passion gets things done and I believe this case really holds true to that idea.

Loving v. Virginia was a case that made incredible life changing history. In this case, presented by Mildred and Richard Loving against the state of Virginia, invalidated laws prohibiting interracial marriage in the United States. What drove this couple to take their case to court was the love that was brewing within themselves and the undying desire for freedom to live where they pleased and visit family members outside of the District of Columbia. Their raw passion for this issue led them to a victorious outcome in their proposed case against Virginia law. They were dubbed victories in 1967 and that’s when everything changed!

The 1960s was a time where many changes were brought about but I feel as though this is one of the decisions that occurred that made the biggest difference! Interracial mixing became very prevalent after this court decision. I believe this happened because of the freedom every race felt after the court decision was revealed to the public eye. They were free to love whomever they chose and that must have been a beyond liberating experience.

The statistics for interracial marriage are not as high as one may think but, they are increasing every day. The idea of interracial mixing is actually more than an idea now, it is an undeniable reality.

It has been a measly 48 years since interracial marriage was legalized. That is an absolutely incredulous reality to think about!

Many people in today’s day and age tend to accept the idea of interracial marriage/blending. However, there will always be the antagonists in every situation. Regardless of the minority of people who disapprove of interracial marriage, the numbers continue to grow!

I believe that the Loving v. Virginia case deserves as much publicity as possible. It changed the future for every American Citizen.

*Attached is a picture of what the projected typical United States citizen will look like*


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