WE WANT OUR $15!!!!

What is fight for 15?


Fight for $15 began in New York back in 2012. Fast food workers were making $8.50 an hour – this is wayway below the poverty line!Workers at McDonalds and various other fast food joints had enough and began going on strike! No one realized that #FightFor15 would become an huge international movement. Fast food employees want minimum wage to be raised to $15, as well as the right to unionize.In our studies, we found that it very hard to survive when you only make 7-8 dollars. This movement was important to our group because this issue affects our generation more heavily than others. The average age of a fast food worker is 27.  Many college students have to work long hours for little pay, and we are tired of it! And you know who else is tired of it, the millions of people that have bills to pay and mouths to feed.


We want this movement to continue and be heard everywhere. Minimum wage needs to increase as soon as possible! We also realized that it is not just fast food workers who are asking for a pay increase, it’s domestic workers too. Maids, home care aids, and cashiers are for the fight for 15. There are plenty of people working at jobs who pay less than 15 as well, but the outcry has started through the voices of fast food workers. The more we push for better, the quicker we can get it. There are plenty of resources that explain why our minimum wage isn’t enough to support an individual.


With the facts and realities that are collected from those who are experiencing this we have to come together and support those who deserve better. We also have to think about the money that the corporations are making off of the business. They have the luxury of getting paid more and working less. we have to figure out a solution that meets the needs of all that work under all businesses.  We also have to keep in mind that they want to unionize as well. This movement is huge and has the potential to change so many lives. Our group stands behind this cause because not only is this desired change, but it is a needed change. With during our project, and blogging about it, we hope to spread even more awareness to the cause. So go get ready, because we have to FIGHT FOR 15!










Darsita Patel, Shamara Owens, Chelsea Hill,Shania Ripken



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