Passport Books


Passport Books was not able to make a strong, visible, impact on the campus. Time management, organization, and a group of committed people are necessary for the organization to be as successful as it can.

Upcoming school work, projects, and life events also affected the process of establishing Passport Books. Activism is a physically and emotionally draining lifestyle. It is overwhelming because there are several great ideas, excitement about what could be, and trying to inspire people to be as excited as you are. Research is also an important factor because the people you work with must also understand the purpose of the project or movement you are trying to bring to life.

Be on the lookout for the pink bin!

Be on the lookout for the pink bin!

At the end of the semester, flyers were handed out and people contacted us personally if they had books to donate. This simple action displays how activism does not have to be elaborate. You just need to be accessible and be open with others. A few books go a long way, and Passport Books will continue to collect books.

Over the summer, we will be visiting the Jessup Facility. We have an idea of how books will aid those incarcerated, but an idea can help at least one person.
Despite the setbacks that we have faced, the vision of Passport Books remains the same. We are still dedicated to collecting educational resources for those in prison, a frequently overlooked population. Prison is a place largely inhabited by individuals who have been robbed of a quality education before they even entered the system. Worse yet, once individuals enter the system, it is profoundly difficult for them to get out of it. Educational resources can serve as tools to help reintegrate prisoners back into mainstream society and keep them out of prison. Education should be treated as a public good that is equally attainable for all. Here are a few scholarly articles that indicate that there is a significant correlation between education and crime (such that the increase of education reduces the likelihood that one will be involved in criminal activity):


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