Gamergate as activism: What’s all the commotion about

One of the most talked about events in the online gaming world in the last two years has been the development of the “Gamergate” movement. This organization, such as it is, has saught to rectify what they see as a lack of objectivity and ethics the in the field of gaming journalism. The they in question is unfortunately a somewhat fluid membership, making it difficult to both address the problems they raise or deal with the tactics they use to get their way, mostly harassment of female and minority game developers. The unfortunate reality of Gamergate’s membership is that it is comprised, most vocally at least, of people who played videogames as an escape from a poor social life creating a self-reinforcing victim cycle among themselves. Its like when a group of religious fanatics create their own society away from other people, they become so utterly removed from reality that any intrusion upon it is met with a violent reaction.

With such a closed and self reinforcing mentality there is little that an outside party can do the either stop the movement or even address an issue because they fail to realize that without working with the problem nothing can be done to rectify it. So far the only real “activism” that Gamergate has engaged in is harassing female and minority game developers on social meda, releasing their personal documents, and generally creating conspiracy theories about the anti-gamergate side of the argument. Essentially all they have done is create more antagonism between a community that used to cry for nothing but acceptance.


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