This Guy’s Take: Reviews of women in pop media by S.D. Plovan

When I was first told that I had to do some kind of activist activity for the completion of this course I will totally admit I had a small panic attack. I am a person who generally prefers to either remain on the sidelines and give help from there or to simply not get involved because I feared that my help would be unwanted. As I puzzled out what to do, with the help of Dr.K, it became clear that I could preform activism from the comfort of my home, doing things I do anyway.

The first real step of my activist project was to create the Tumblr blog which would be the home to my project I created a new email and twitter specifically for this project, to buffer myself should there be any backlash.

From there all that I needed to do was figure out a writing style and who to review first.

If I am ever a part of another blog based activism project I would be sure to keep in mind the importance of social media. This project has not had the success, and therefore motivation, I had expected, because I assumed that people would latch onto my blog and at least leave some feedback, but it has gone mostly unnoticed in the vast seas of the internet ocean.

As far as my relationship to activism this project has proven to me that you don’t need to risk life and limb in your attempts to make the world a better place, you just need to have the desire and a plan to do so.


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