Sexism in the Customer Service Work Environment

Many people will always complain about their experience in the customer service work environment. Maybe that’s because they aren’t people orientated, or maybe that’s because they had to deal with a lot of rude and mean customers. One thing that I was interested in finding out was if sexism had a role in making people feel uncomfortable working in the customer service work place environment. My work experience ranges from working at an animal shelter to a coffee shop. In every environment I have had to deal with sexism face on. Society has taught many of us to cope or that we can say these comments. Even with good intentions, sexists comments are still hurtful and offensive.

When I was researching this project, I found that a lot of people were addressing this issue. If so many people have been talking about this as a problem and have tried to conquer this issue, then why do people still have to face this on a daily basis? I decided to use this research and to do a little of my own to make a comic of how to properly treat customer service employees and to avoid sexism.

Talking to people and getting their story was great. Everyone who I had spoken to had a story to tell me, whether they had learned from it or how it had impacted their lives. Many people have come up to me and say they are more aware and have told me how they are trying to get people to stop.

Many people feel uncomfortable when they hear a sexist remark and they should. It is completely inappropriate. It is discriminating and hateful.


The comic that I had originally made was not well done and it told people to not be rude or sexist. This backfired, mostly because when I had hung it up, people thought that a child had made it. I am not the best artist, I mostly practice drawing and painting everything but people. Both customers and coworkers were mocking it, so I decided to exclude it from the blog post.

After that embarrassing moment, I thought that talking to people about sexism in the workplace and asking for their opinions on it was a better way to go. I ended up getting a lot of positive feedback from it. When times were moving slower I would start up conversations and let them turn in to large discussions, which people went in and out of.

One of the biggest problems that people had with my store was how many people were sexist when it came to running the store. We have a 26 year-old female manager and many people do not believe that she is in charge. When asking them why they don’t believe it, a lot of the responses were about her age and her gender. Some people have stopped coming back, due to her position, which is ridiculous, because this is one of the most well run stores in the state of Maryland.

Overall, even though my project didn’t turn out the way I had originally intended it to, it still was a success in my eyes. I got a conversation started. The people at my store feel much more comfortable talking about these kinds of topics now.


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