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Fifty years ago, on June 7, 1965, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling on contraception, which would have a profound effect on women’s lives. The birth control pill had come to the market in 1960, but in much of the U.S., it was illegal to advertise contraception. A lot has changed since then, besides the fact we still need to have a prescription for women to obtain it!



For my activist project I decided to spread the word on legalizing oral contraceptives. I actually learned a lot from this project. At first I was apprehensive about how I could possibly spread the word. I knew it was too big for just one person to write local politicians, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. It almost made me feel powerless, because of the lack of resources and knowledge I was missing.  So I scaled it down and decide to educate through pamphlets. I distributed them at my job and around the inner harbor downtown Baltimore, MD. I then realized it was possible that one person can make a difference. Many people were intrigued with my information.

I actually became more educated from the research I did for this project. Some things I found out were, it’s not actually necessary to have a pelvic exam before starting the pill. The main reason this exam is done is to detect cancers and STD’s. An exam cannot determine what type of pill you can take. It’s essentially a trial and error. If you’re not happy with one brand, then you just try another. Also, many other countries already have over the counter oral contraceptives, so I’m not sure why we’re so far behind? If they allowed for us to obtain the pill over the counter it could lower  abortion rates and save us money when purchasing birth control. This would allow for pharmaceutical companies to compete with each other, therefore lowering the out-of-pocket costs for us, considering oral contraceptives are the most widely used.


Overall I enjoyed this project! It allowed to me to come out of my shell by speaking to people I didn’t know and educating them about something I feel pretty passionate about. Although I’m  it will be a long time until woman are treated equal,  it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to fight for what we believe is right! It’s important to open up our minds and although it’s overwhelming and seems almost impossible for things to change, it’s definitely feasible. I know it’s possible to express my values and make the world more just. It’s possible and necessary for economic, political and social equality. Although I didn’t necessarily win the fight on legalizing oral contraceptives, I did reach my obtainable goal!!

My brochure I created to educate women.



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  • A pelvic exam is not necessary to begin oral contraceptives
  • Its trial and error. If you don’t like one brand, then you try another.
  • Easy access would allow for less unwanted pregnancies.
  • This would lower abortion rate.
  • Price of oral contraceptives would decrease.
  • This can save women money, fewer trips to the doctor’s



* Predictable regular menstrual cycles

* Highly effective

* Does not interfere with sex

* Usually lighter menstrual bleeding and less cramping

* May decrease PMS symptoms

* Long-term reduction in risk of endometrial and ovarian cancers

* May improve acne

* Can be taken continuously to decrease the number of periods


Let’s come together for our fight! Everyone deserves the right to protect themselves from pregnancy!!Other countries offer over the counter oral contraceptives and we deserve the right too!!!


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