Beast Grrl — Paving the way for young feminists

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I need to just start by saying: god damn.

Young girls are getting stronger.

Young girls are out fighting for what we all deserve.

Young girls are screaming for their voices to be heard.

Young girls are changing the world. 

Kathy and I searched around quite a bit before discovering Beast Grrl, but when she showed me the website I was instantly attracted to the collage work within the pages of the zine.

The poetry was incredibly powerful and wise, not what you would expect from high schoolers, right?

The ladies of Beast Grrl: Kory, Haley, and Emeline are wise beyond their years…that’s for sure.

But I’m starting to think that I have the wrong impression of teens these days, constantly comparing how my peers acted back in my high school days.

I wish there was a publication like this when I was navigating the tough high school years, having an outlet to find strength through the words of other girls like me. Girls that want to make a difference. Girls that don’t take no for an answer.

The world is changing so rapidly and it’s hard to not think of myself as being old. The younger generation is fighting back hard and actually making a difference…unlike the days where I fought to get a LGBT club in my school up and running. It required a teacher to lead the group…no one was interested. So, if LGBT rights were left unspoken during my early years, other crucial women’s rights issues were also being ignored.

I’m so proud of these young ladies and I hope that my daughter will be this strong, one day in the future.

I’ll leave you all with this, Beast Grrl’s first page of the first published zine. Take notice, women are grabbing life by the balls.


Because we still face the challenges our sisters faced over twenty years ago, and any progress that we have achieved is so minimal that it is almost unnoticeable.

Because we are tired of not being taken seriously, de-valued, and told that we don’t count when we know that our feelings, ideas, dreams, and presences are valid and valuable.

Because we refuse to accept the world’s ideas of who we are and who we should be. 

Because the world’s ideas of what makes a girl are restrictive and exclusive. 

Because we want to support, listen to, and love other girls, instead of competing and tearing them down, as we have been taught to do.

Because we are tired of being harassed in our streets.

Because we are fed up with rape and sexual assault. 

Because we are through with being called bitches, whores, and sluts.

Because when we stand up for ourselves, we are laughed at. 

We are angry about the treatment we and the girls around us receive. We need to express ourselves, and to reach other girls that face the same things we do and feel the same way. We want, first and foremost, to establish a connection with other girls, to spread the word that they are not alone. We want them to know that they deserve more than they receive. We want to support each other. And we want to show the world our worth on our own terms. 




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