Politics of Veganism

Our activist project revolved around the politics of veganism and spreading the awareness of health benefits of eating a plant based diet. Our project wasn’t about trying to make people vegan but to give them the resources so they can gain information about it. When it comes to behavior changes we know that it isn’t easy as just showing graphic videos and documentaries about our earth falling apart but allowing us to provide this information can open new doors of living a healthy lifestyle and letting our viewers to make the change when they want. We created a Facebook page called Eco-feminism to have a space where people can gain insight about health, environmental, and feminist issues around the world. We focus mostly on food and providing articles, videos and movies that can guide people to information about veganism that isn’t in their everyday media like television, commercials, magazines and so on. We also created a zine that expressed our creative side of how veganism is a big deal in our social, economic, political, and health crisis of the world. What worked about the Facebook page was that people would message us questions and send us comments about how switching to a plant based diet as help them so much in their mental and physical state, they were mostly college students as well.What didn’t work was getting more of a face to face interaction with students on campus, like set up a booth on the breeze way and lend people information about our project. I learned that everyone is on their own life journey so bringing up such information like veganism can scare people if they are not ready for the truth, so learning that we never tried to force the information but let people see that the information is there when they are ready.

-Safra Tadesse and Pooja Kulkarni

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