The Cone Sisters


We chose to do our presentation on the Cone Sisters because we are both interested in art and wanted our project to incorporate that. Etta and Claribel were independent women in the arts and in many ways broke the social and gender norms of their time which greatly influenced our decision. Another reason we chose this topic was because the Cones were local women, raised in Baltimore, and their art still remains in the city today and is easily accessible.

It was not difficult to find information on our topic most likely due to the high profile nature of the artists they supported and collected from. Their personal lives were also easy to find information on because they were from a wealthy, local family that was very prominent in the area.   

The Cone sisters’ story is important for many reasons. They were two women who, although rich and white, broke some social and gender norms of the time; neither of them ever got married, Claribel became a doctor, Etta was a lesbian, and they were both very active in the male dominated art world. People should know about them because they can inspire independence in people. They did as they pleased, not what was expected of them, they were the supporters behind many incredibly important and famous (male) artists, and broke gender norms in being sexually independent and never marrying. Even though they were very privileged, they should still be noted as important and influential women.

Relevant Links:

By: Caitlin Box & Mackenzie Blade



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