Not 1 Not 0 – A Non-Binary Booklet for Everyone

aldfhlajThe activist project I’ve decided to create is a booklet detailing what non-binary means in terms of gender identity. The main goal was to make it friendly and easy to understand, so that people who had little idea of gender beyond “man and woman” could get a feel for what it meant. I personally feel that getting more exposure to these ideas is critical, because for many people, coming out as non-binary is complicated even more because they need to explain what it is in the first place. Non-binary identities do not have the same general/cultural “base” that words like gay, lesbian, or even transgender do.

Due to this, getting the idea came quickly to me and I set to work researching almost the first day it was assigned!I got a good amount of information compiled but also wanted to include interviews with people around the campus with their experience or knowledge about non-binary identities. This was intended to give a more “human” and personal feel to the booklet. However, I quickly realized when putting the other information together that these interviews went beyond the scope of the booklet, so I ended up having to scrap this idea.

When it came time to design the booklet, again, the idea of “friendliness” came to mind. I decided to do a Q/A sort of style to presenting the information and creating a dialogue between myself and a pretend reader who  was curious about the topic. The visual design reflected this as well with a scrapbook or personal journal aesthetic.

Once the booklet was complete, I ran it by some friends of mine to get an extra set of eyes and minds on the content to make sure they thought it was comprehensive and inclusive enough. Thankfully, everyone liked it the way it was!

Distribution was something that I thought about greatly throughout the project’s life. Since the idea was to help inform as many people as possible, the method that I distributed the booklet would need to be accessible to a large audience. I really wanted to print the booklet, since having something in-hand is always nice. This ended up being way too expensive for a print run of any actual substance and there were better ways to get the booklet out. I do still have the idea in mind in case I ever have the opportunity though. In the end, I’ve sent it to different websites on the web that deal with gender/feminist issues as well as posting it to my social media accounts! Hopefully you will see it around.

This project was a great experience. Though I knew a lot about my topic going in, I learned a significant amount about creating a publication and managing a project. I hope that my project has a positive impact and helps create a greater understanding of non-binary identities!

You can find the booklet below and read it online or print one for yourself!

NB Booklet


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