Pay Equity Bake Sale

The issue I chose to focus on was the existence of the gender pay gap. The pay gap is simply workers getting paid differently based on simply their race, gender, or sexual orientation despite doing work of the same quality and quantity. The effort began with just focusing on gender but the issue exists on so many different levels that it would not feel right leaving out so many others who face injustice. To define it simply, foxlarger every dollar a man makes, women makes only 79 cents. Looking at more specific demographics it’s determined that white males can be the focal point and every other race, gender, or sexual orientation makes a fraction of what white males make, with Asian males as the exception making $1.13 for every dollar white males make. The idea of paying someone less because of something other than the quality of their work not only undervalues the worker but further oppresses anyone that is not a white male, something that we not as a nation but as a human race have worked so hard to promote equality of all humans. How I chose to approach this issue was joining a bake sale where the price of the baked goods varied based on your gender and ethnicity. For example if a chocolate chip cookie cost a dollar normally for the white male, an African American woman would pay $0.63 for that same cookie. d.pngThis was supposed to serve two purposes, one to educate those who are unaware of this issue, what would be expected is that they would question why they’re race and gender would affect the cost of the baked good and they would be explained to of the pay gap. Simply by spreading the knowledge of this issue can promote people to be activist in their respective companies making sure that everyone is paid fairly and for what they’re truly worth. Secondly this bake sale can serve as an update to those who are aware of the pay gap and can see where we stand right now with equal pay regardless of how much or how little progress we have made. A lot of the information and statistics for this project was available online so gathering the information for the sale itself was not hard to find. The hardest part for this project was finding a way for a large amount of people to contribute to this project.  Ultimately we split into groups for doing the research for the statistics and the other group would help make the poster that would present the information. For the bake sale itself anyone available came to man the table. The only complications that were ran into during the bake sale itself were people who argued that the pay gap was made up or that the solution is a lot easier than we made it out to be. Aside from those two previously mentioned issues the project was a huge success. From participating in this project I learned of how many different movements there were and that if you search hard enough you’ll fine something that you can become passionate over. Regardless of time available and how busy one is, if one really wants to make a difference a way can be found for that individual to either help out with an existing movement or starting their own. If there is an injustice that you think exists, you can make a difference you can be the start of a change or you can be the change, anyone and everyone can make a difference.


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